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Episode 1.12 - The Mortal Cure

Episode Discussion Thread!

There was a request a while back for episode discussion threads, so I am providing. Let me know if you'd prefer them, prefer not, want them earlier, later, etc.

Vampires don't need skateboards!

Expect spoilers and snark in the comments. Praise, dissension, etc., also welcome. No flaming or bashing, please. Be respectful to each other. I'm turning off comment notifications to avoid spoilers and will return sometime after 10 pm PST.

Taking Chances? Ummm...

After episode 10, "Sleeping Beauty," I am currently working through the "Moonlight Stages of Grief."  I think I'm almost over anger, but I haven't fully gotten to the snark-level of appreciation yet.  ;-)

For those of you who are fully in snarky-land (we need episode discussion threads to revel in the snarkiness!!), I thought you might appreciate the recent Rolling Stone review of Celine Dion's album, Taking Chances.  If you don't recall, the title track of her album was used for a couple of Moonlight promos at the beginning of the season.  And if you aren't shocked by that, Celine's album has a connection to Evanescence!!!!

Jumping in here, apropos of nothing but the invite over on moonlight_tv (which, I agree, can be a bit gushy). So far I've only lurked there, as I do on most LJs I'm a member of; I'm not online much anymore, not like I was back when I had a desk job with a T1 connected PC in front of me all day. Now I'm an RN and I just don't have that kind of time at work -- nor do I have a desk or a PC at work. *frowns* Then again, my tendinitis is much improved these days, so... good with the bad, etc.

Now before I launch into those aspects of Moonlight with which I get fairly annoyed, let me start out by saying first that I'm very smitten with Moonlight. I started watching it on CBS' web site because I was never home on Friday nights when it was on. I knew I wanted to check it out before it premiered because (1) it was a vampire show (I love the vampire genre), (2) because Jason Dohring was on it (terribly underutilized and typecast in Veronica Mars' last season -- I think Josef Konstantin will be a much meatier role for him to display and expand his acting chops and I'm looking forward to that); and (3) because it was a neo noir detective type show -- but combined with vampires!

But I was also afraid it was going to suck because of the bad press I'd read about the re-casting and re-shooting of the pilot, and I've been so disappointed by falling in love with shows that got so quickly canceled (Veronica Mars, Deadwood, Due South... all the way back to the original vampire detective, Nick Knight on Forever Knight). So I wasn't about to get all sucked in to yet another show that I would fall in love with, only to have it canceled or threatened with cancellation in three seasons or less, and end with many unresolved storylines, etc.

But against my better judgment, I got hooked on the webisodes of Moonlight. Drat the pesky good looks of Alex O'Loughlin. (Yeah, right!) By episode 6 (B.C.), I was making time to watch it on Friday night -- when possible. As I don't have cable, satellite or Tivo, I ended up getting suckered into Amazon Unbox downloads -- yep, a season subscription to Moonlight. I have never done that for any show before.

In addition to all that, there is the inherent angst of a vampire who doesn't want to be a vampire, who wants to be human again, and can't -- and who may love a human woman but can never really be with her. Oh the humanity! It drove the whole Nick/Nat relationship on Forever Knight, and then the Buffy/Angel (and later Buffy/Spike) relationships on BTVS (not to mention the angst of Anne Rice's Louis, the reluctant "monster"). What's not to love?! (I mean, if you love angst like I do.)

What follows is a rather long post behind the cut, which I had the luxury of composing because I have had the luxury of watching Moonlight episodes multiple times as they are on my computer and I can hook it up to my TV now (so geekified). But, honest, these were inconsistencies I had noticed while I was watching the episodes fresh -- I only had to go back and rewatch eps to verify inconsistencies and search for the original or first occurrences, so I could prove the inconsistencies that came later.

continuation of what I like, discussion of Moonlight's new take on vampire mythology, and (finally) examples of many inconsistencies, behind this cut, which may include spoilers if you haven't seen the last three eps The Ringer, 12:04AM, and Fleur De LisCollapse )
I started this comm because the episode discussion threads over at moonlight_tv always seem to be full of gushing praise. I don't want to harsh anyone's squee, but that's just not how I see the show.

No bashing or flaming, please - we're here to have fun. Please put spoilers, images, etc. behind an lj-cut.

Welcome to moonlight_snark!