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Vampires don't need skateboards!

Expect spoilers and snark in the comments. Praise, dissension, etc., also welcome. No flaming or bashing, please. Be respectful to each other. I'm turning off comment notifications to avoid spoilers and will return sometime after 10 pm PST.


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Jan. 12th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
less snark than usual
Here be spoilers... of course.

Well, I haven't had the chance to watch Love Lasts Forever more than once yet, but based on my single viewing so far, it was mostly free of snark-worthy issues. Except the major plot twist at the end. About that--

WTF??? I mean, Josh was a sadly two dimensional character -- the long-suffering nice guy who finishes last, or at least after Mick. But I had hoped he'd be developed into something more three dimensional and less cliche-d -- not necessarily because I want him to triumph over Mick, but just to inject some realism into the show (Josh was too good, too righteous, too perfect). Now that will never happen. Sigh.

I watched this ep with my bf (who is not particularly a Moonlight fan). But he's (occasionally) useful for bouncing stuff off. He found the quinceañera a potentially demographic-enlarging move on the writers' part -- sadly (and potentially insultingly) followed by Tejada's stereotypical, cliche-ish Mexican bar complete with sleazy strippers, which he found to be straight out of Dusk 'til Dawn (minus the vampire strippers). But since Tejada was supposed to be El Salvadoran, and my boyfriend is Mexican American, I'll have to ask if El Salvadorans also have quinceañera's or if that's mainly a Mexican thing. I'm not sure.

Before she asked, I predicted that Beth would beg Mick to turn Josh. And who could blame her. At least part of her freaked-out demand, I think, could be traced back to her guilt for having been less than the perfect girlfriend in recent episodes. I mean, she wasn't unfaithful -- physically. But c'mon; she's emotionally over-involved with Mick, which is why Josh stepped back and felt so hurt.

I really wondered, though, what Mick would do.

I was leaning towards "Mick will turn Josh." No matter how much Mick feels Josh to be his romantic rival (and no matter how much he feels his vampirism to be a curse), I figured Mick would want to (a) please Beth and (b) that Beth's happiness would be more important to Mick than his own, and than his own feelings about vampirism. I figured Mick would err on the side of "Oops, I shouldn't have turned Josh into the feral bloodsucking fiend he now is." Which would have been interesting, given that Josh has been such a stereotypical nice guy up 'til now. I didn't count on Mick's self-loathing and view of his vampirism as a curse outweighing his feelings for Beth.

This was a big risk for the writers to take, I think: up until Love Lasts Forever, Mick's been a highly sympathetic character. Now he doesn't look quite as sympathetic; he looks a little colder and (potentially) a little more self-serving (and self-righteous about the supposed "curse" of vampirism he "suffers"). I'm sure it's no coincidence that in Mick's voice-over narration earlier in the episode, Mick considered letting Beth know about his feelings.

And, of course, now Mick is faced with a serious possibility that Beth will never forgive him for not turning Josh. (to be continued in another comment)

Jan. 12th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
(continuing from my previous comment)

In some respects, Mick's refusal to turn Josh is almost a mirror action to Beth's staking of Coraline. Whereas Beth acted decisively (some might say rashly), Mick refused to act to save Josh. In either case, their actions (or inaction) could have resulted in the death of each person's romantic rival (Beth was clearly jealous of Coraline; and Mick is clearly put off from revealing his feelings to Beth by overhearing that Beth and Josh are back together).

It could be argued that Beth intended Coraline's death (but she had reasons OTHER THAN Coraline being her romantic rival for Mick). It could also be argued that Mick had reasons OTHER THAN his loathing of his own vampirism for not turning Josh (since Josh -- besides Mick's vampirism and Beth's humanness -- is the major road block to Mick becoming fully intimately involved with Beth).

Was Mick right not to turn Josh? From Mick's perspective, yes. From Beth's perspective, no. And, no matter what Mick said at the end, I don't believe he would have let Beth die in similar circumstances. I think he would have turned her to save her.

On the other hand, it was a big risk on the writers' part to have Mick let Josh die rather than turning him. It puts a huge roadblock up between the Mick/Beth thing. Strictly speaking, if vampires really existed and were known about, would that make Mick prosecutable under Good Samaritan laws? If he had the power to save Josh's life and didn't do it? Because of his own beliefs about vampirism?

On the other hand, let's say Mick had turned Josh. Among the many possible outcomes, at least that would allow Beth to come to her own conclusion that Josh's transformation into a vampire was a mistake. Letting Josh die instead of turning him will leave Beth with a permanent "what if" -- and someone to blame it on: Mick. Turning him, and having it turn out badly, would at least have demonstrated that Mick was able to step back and place Beth's needs/wants before his own.

My extremely minor snarks with this ep are totally related to scientific aspects. Normal human blood (which Coraline's supposedly was, according to the doc at Bionalysis) coagulates in an additive-free (red top) vial after only about 20 minutes, which Coraline's clearly hadn't although the Bionalysis doc pronounced it to be normal human blood. (Whether or not the free radicals & toxins thing was true, I have no idea; I'm not a hemotologist, I just frequently draw blood at my job.)

Also, you can't defibrillate a heart with no heartbeat. Defibrillation resynchronizes the electrical signal that makes the atria and ventricles contract. An automatic defibrillator with voice direction would have told them "No shock needed" for Josh, because there's no point to shocking a non-beating heart. If the heart isn't beating at all, there's no electrical signal to resynchronize. OTOH, as one of my nursing instructors once said, "You can't kill a dead person" -- meaning, there's little harm in defibrillating an non-beating heart; it's just not likely to work. But that's not very dramatic.

However, I don't have a snarky problem with the writers' invention of the blood type "AO negative." There's a lot we still don't know about human cells, e.g. the MHC complex (major histacompatibility complex) -- one reason people's bodies may reject an organ, even from someone of the same blood type, requiring that they take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. It's also possible for people to have adverse reactions (such as death!) to a blood transfusion, even of the same blood type as their own. Why? They've only started to figure this stuff out, some of it quite recently.

Also, since vamps are fictional, the show must make up fictional stuff periodically. Since vamps' major issue is blood, it makes sense that they'd make up a fictional blood type. As far as we know. So far. So I can let them slide on this.

Like I said, only very minor snarky quibbles for this ep. At least until I've watched it a few more times. ;D
Feb. 11th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
I hated the amoung of actually shown blood. It is rather obvious by now that it's a ladies show and if I wanted to see blood I'd watch `Saving Ryan' (probably misspelled). At some point it was completely disgusting.

The cliches in the way they showed the South Americans - again never beeing to either part of America I cant' really tell, but I have my doubts about people actually talking in a way `He does not respect me, he deserves to die'. Seriously, the normal dead drunk russian talk would be `Do you respect me? No, tell me now, do you respect me?!?!' - I was ROFL on the `respecting' scene.

This show went down sometime after the 5th episode or so. Which is weird - usually the TV shows are good at least till the 8th episode and than 9th and 10th are utter crap.
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